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20182 7 日,在中国(陕西)英国企业合作交流会上,陕西省商务厅副厅长李生荣先生向英国陕西商会主席兰俭授予英国代表处牌匾,并任命兰俭先生为陕西省商务厅英国代表处总代表。英国陕西商会将正式授权以代表处的名义在英国开展职责范围内的有关商务活动。为企业间的项目合作与交流牵线搭桥,在招商引资,对外贸易和对外投资合作中发挥“窗口桥梁作用。

China Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce

RepresentativeUK Office

On February 7, 2018, at the China (Shaanxi) UK BusinessCooperation and Exchange Conference, Mr. Li Shengrong, Deputy Director of theDepartment of Commerce of Shaanxi Province, granted Mr. Lan Jian, President ofthe UK China Shaanxi Business Association, with the plaque for the UK RepresentativeOffice and appointed Mr. Lan Jian as the Chief Representative of the UK Office.The UKCSBA officially authorizes the conduct of relevant business activitieswithin the scope of its duties in the name of the UK representative office.UKCSBA will promote thecooperation and exchange of projects between enterprises, and play a"window" and "bridge" role in investment, foreign trade andforeign investment cooperation.